Aretha Franklin Music: KNEW YOU WERE WAITING: THE BEST OF ARETHA FRANKLIN 1980-1998 | The Official Aretha Franklin Site


Released: 2012

Track listing:

United Together (4:09)
Love All The Hurt Away (with George Benson) (4:07)
Jump To It (4:14)
Get It Right (4:13)
Freeway Of Love (4:06)
Who's Zoomin' Who (4:07)
Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves (with The Eurythmics) (4:53)
Another Night (4:05)
Jumpin' Jack Flash (with Keith Richards) (4:27)
Jimmy Lee (4:25)
I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) (with George Michael) (3:59)
Through The Storm (with Elton John) (4:20)
It Isn't, It Wasn't, It Ain't Never Gonna Be (with Whitney Houston) (4:16)
Ever Changing Times (with Michael McDonald) (4:28)
Willing To Forgive (4:11)
A Rose Is Still A Rose (3:52)


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